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What is a HTTP cookie?


A cookie is a function that stores information that you have visited this site in your computer, smartphone, tablet or other device that can be connected to the Internet.

By using cookies, you can obtain information such as the number of website visits to your computer and the pages visited.

In addition, the information collected by cookies does not include any "information that can identify you personally".

About HTTP cookie by Wikipedia here


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About using Google Analytics


1) This site uses Google Analytics, a service provided by Google, to understand the usage status of this site.

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2) Your information collected, recorded, and analyzed by Google Analytics does not include any information that identifies a particular individual.

In addition, such information is managed by Google in accordance with Google's privacy policy.

Please refer to the Google Analytics site for the description of the Google Analytics Terms of Service and the Google site for the description of Google's privacy policy.



3) The setting to disable Google Analytics can be changed and disabled by downloading and installing Google's opt-out add-on "Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on".

If you have disabled Google Analytics, Google Analytics will also be disabled on websites other than this site that you visit.

You can also re-enable Google Analytics by reconfiguring your browser add-ons.





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